SMP Community Grade 3

NS_35000_SMP_Grade3Designed for the Jewellery trade or for larger business use.

Fire Rating
Affords 60P Fire Rating for added protection – Tested to BS475 Part 20

Dual Locking – Class 2 Keylock as standard
Combination Lock – 4 wheel – minimum
Other Locking – inclusive of Time Locks and Time Delay Locks available on request.

Four way engagement – three moving Bolts


  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Time / Time Delay Locks
  • Full Width Drawer
  • Half Width Drawer
  • Anti Bandit Coffer
  • Lockable Cupboards
  • Deposit Systems

Minimum Overnight Cash Cover: £35,000.00*
Volume: 50.00 Litres
Other Sizes Available

*Up to ten times the actual cash cover can be covered for Jewellery
All Cash Covers and Jewellery covers should be verified with customers individual insurance companies

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