Locked out of your Car

Woman locked out of car, keys shown on car seat locked inside

Keys locked in car? Call an expert to avoid unnecessary cost

Losing or locking your keys in the car or having your car keys stolen is a reasonably common occurrence. Whether it happens on your driveway or sometimes miles from home, either way we help you.

Whatever has happened Thomas Locksmiths can get to you no matter where you are in Sussex and resolve the problem in a cost effective manner.

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Keys lost, locked in the car boot or stolen?

If your keys are locked in the car, as inconvenient as it is at least you know where they are but before you walk off and lose sight of the car, establish if they can be seen as a would be thief can see them as well.

If your car keys are locked in the boot of the car (it can easily happen while loading or unloading) we can open your car’s boot and retrieve them.

If you think your car keys have been stolen, immediately inform the police and your insurance company.  As we work for a large amount of insurance companies you may have key protection on your policy. This will help you finically and also get you a reputable locksmith to assist you.

Gaining entry into your car.

Thomas Auto Locksmiths will be able to assist you and gain entry to your vehicle by non destructive means, causing no damage and will have you back on the road in no time at all.

Thomas Auto Locksmiths use specialist equipment to gain  entry into to your car. We are even able to open vehicles that have been deadlocked. This means they cannot be opened via the door handles or any of the buttons within the car.

If your vehicle is deadlocked call us straight away as our techniques allow us to decode your vehicle’s locks which is essential if you have lost your car keys and require a new set.

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