Lost or Stolen Car keys

Lost or stolen car keys? No spare?

If you have lost your car keys or if they have been stolen, do not worry. This can be solved cheaply and easily, usually within an hour, with our professional and guaranteed service.

Keys dropped on floor, owner walking away without realising

Lost house or car keys? Our emergency locksmith service will help you avoid unnecessary cost or delays.

If you have lost your keys our locksmith will gain entry to the vehicle and firstly make the key. Then we access the vehicles immobiliser system. Once we have accessed the system we can then delete the old keys and program the new keys into the car.

Have your car keys been stolen? In the case of the keys being stolen, our technician will approach the problem in much the same way. They will gain access to the car and cut keys, however they will then change the programming code so that the stolen keys will no longer start the car. Most insurance companies will want the locks changed on the vehicle. This can be done easily at a fraction of the dealer prices. We may have to order the new locks in but we always delete the old keys first so the thief’s cannot steal the car.

In either case, our technicians will also be able to produce additional replacement or spare car keys.

You must remember to change all the locks for any other keys which may have been on that key ring and take all the normal precautions to protect your property, including replacing the locks on your house.

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