Burton Eurovault Grade 4

NS_60000_Burton_EurovaultModel External (mm) Internal (mm) Weight Volume (Litres)

EU 67/IV 670x680x685 510x520x460 580kg 122
EU 100/IV 1000x680x685 840x520x460 805kg 201
EU 120/IV 1200x680x685 1040x520x460 945kg 249
EU 150/IV 1500x680x685 1340x520x460 1150kg 321
EU/ex 150/IV 1500x800x775 1340x640x550 1405kg 472
EU/ex 180/IV 1800x800x775 1640x640x550 1645kg 577

  • Independently attack tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grade IV
  • Concrete filled body & door with special re-enforcement bars
  • and plates
  • High quality fire insulation
  • Dual key lock as standard
  • Electronic or mechanical combination locking available on request
  • Height adjustable shelving with standard weight capacity of 50kg
  • Base fixing point x 1
  • Optional Extras: Internal safe, deposit slot, jewellery drawers, dual locking, re-enforced shelving, left hand hinge

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