Rosengrens European

NS_17500_Rosegrans_EuropeanCash safes certified in Grade II-VI and with additional fire protection

Rosengrens European is our high-graded burglar-resistant safe. The safe is available in 6 sizes, 100-735 litres, and is tested and certified according to the demanding European norm in Grades II-VI. All safes offer fire protection of documents. In Grads III-VI the safes have passed a supplementary explosive test.

The European can also offer you a combined storage. By adding a special insert in the safe you are able to store and protect data media such as CDs, DAT cassettes and DLT tapes against fire.

All sizes are as standard equipped with our own specially developed key lock, but can also have combination locking or electronic lock as options.

The European has a wide range of interior fittings to satisfy every requirement for secure storage. An extensible file frame, extensible shelf and lockable compartments are some examples.

SMP Grade 2

NS_17500_SMP_Grade2Designed for higher domestic and business use.

Fire Rating
Affords 60P Fire Rating for added protection – Tested to BS475 Part 20

Class 1 Keylock – as standard
Combination locking is available upon request
Multi Locking is also available upon request.

Four way engagement – three moving Bolts

Adjustable Shelves

  • Time / Time Delay Locks
  • Full Width Drawer
  • Half Width Drawer
  • Anti Bandit Coffer
  • Lockable Cupboards
  • Deposit Systems

Minimum Overnight Cash Cover: £17,500.00*
Volume: 39.00 Litres
Other Sizes Available

*Up to ten times the actual cash cover can be covered for Jewellery
All Cash Covers and Jewellery covers should be verified with customers individual insurance companies

Burton Eurovault Grade 2

NS_17500_Burton_EurovaultModel External (mm) Internal (mm) Weight Volume(L)
TG-2SP/II 425x445x435 305x305x250 185kg 23
TG-3SP/II 635x455x435 515x315x250 265kg 41
TG-4SP/II 735x555x500 615x415x315 370kg 81
TG-6SP/II 940x610x500 815x465x315 470kg 120
TG-8SP/II 1335x605x500 1215x465x315 630kg 178
TG-9SP/II 1495x705x500 1375x565x315 770kg 245
TG-10SP/II 1735x705x600 1595x565x415 965kg 379

  • Independently attack tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grade II
  • 35 minutes fire protection for paper at temperatures of
  • up to 900° C
  • Concrete filled body & door with special re-enforcement bars
  • and plates
  • High security key lock as standard
  • Electronic or mechanical combination locking available on request
  • Height adjustable shelving with standard weight capacity of 50kg (One in model 2&3, two in models 4-9, three in model 10)
  • Base fixing points x 2
  • Optional Extras: Internal safe, deposit slot, jewellery drawers, dual locking, re-enforced shelving, left hand hinge