Broken Car Keys

Broken_Car_KeyCar keys which are used to open car doors or start the car can break in the door locks or ignition.

In this day and age with transponder keys and remote locking, it is less likely, but can and still does happen.  Car key snapping is caused if metal of the key is faulty in some way, distressed or even just plain worn from regular use. The lock having a fault will also amplify the problem. If this happens, the key weakens and can then physically bend, break or suddenly snap.

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We can easily replace your broken key, retrieve any part of the key from the lock or ignition and cut a new one for literally for any make or model of car.

Snapped car keys can be replaced very simply, even if the broken key had a transponder chip, which can also be replaced and reprogrammed for your vehicle.


Is your car door or ignition key difficult to turn?

Over years any metal key with fine precision grooving can begin to wear and become less reliable. Repeated use and friction will wear these metallic edges down. It will then become increasingly difficult to use these keys in a car door or ignition barrel.

If the key is temperamental, the driver may be tempted to use force to turn the key. This force may cause the key to break. If you believe your car keys are worn, consider an early replacement to avoid potential breaking. It is also not always the best idea to copy the key from an existing worn key. It is best to duplicate the key by code.


Thomas Locksmiths are experts in all matters relating to car locks and hold the keys and technology to do this cost effectively . Our dedicated locksmiths will cut you a new key to the original code and program the transponder if required.

Damaged locking mechanisms can cause keys to become stuck. Should this happen do NOT use force as this may break the key or the lock.

The cause of the problem could be a damaged or failed lock as well as a key. Thomas Locksmiths can be with you usually within an hour to resolve the problem and provide you with a new key or keys. Call you local Thomas Auto Locksmith numbers below.

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