Chubb Low Security

NS_4000_Chubb_LowSecurityProduct Guide – Low Security for valuables

Chubbsafes offers a wide range of lower security cash and valuable safes. This is for storage of any valuables which require an ungraded safe and therefore hold a cash rating of up to £ 4000 (S2 level).


Black Box range– smaller cash limit range of safes ideal for home/ small office. These are smart looking safes with adequate protection to comfortably store valuables with a cash rating of up to £ 4000. They are S1 and S2 rated with ECBS label, showing their quality and strength. The S2 range provide a level of fire protection for documents. Black Box image is shown above

Mini Banker– This is a small safe introduced from customer demand. It has a good level of burglary protection.

Senator– These safes are available in two levels providing upto £ 4000 cash rating. Also with fire resistance for 30 minutes for documents

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