Burton Magnum 10000


  • Independently attack tested and certified to EN 1143-1 – Grade I
  • 30 minutes in-house fire test up to 1100ºC
  • Lighter weight design for easier installation
  • Engineered and built in Germany for a superior build quality
  • Metallic silver paint finish and neat, compact size make this ideal for domestic use
  • Option of key, electronic or biometric locking
  • Re-keyable lock gives greater security in case of borrowed or lost keys
  • Electronic lock features 10 user codes, time delay, time windows, audit trail and dual user facilities
  • Biometric lock can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with a pin code*
  • Back & base fixing
  • *Must be used in conjunction with pin code to comply with EN1141-1
Model External (mm) Internal (mm) Weight Fire Rating
34K / 34E 380x500x440 255x370x300 85kg 30 mins
36K / 36E 625x500x440 500x370x300 125kg 30 mins
38K / 38E 985x500x440 860x370x300 175kg 30 mins

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